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Alien Base: Earth's encounters with Extraterrestrials

Alien Base: Earth's encounters with Extraterrestrials

Publisher Cornerstone
Year 04/02/1999
Pages 608
Version paperback
Readership level General/trade
Language English
ISBN 9780099255024
Categories UFOs & extraterrestrial beings
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76.65 PLN / €16.43 / £14.27
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Book description

Earth is being visited by a number of different alien species.

What was once the province of science fiction now appears to be undeniable fact. Written by a researcher recognised internationally for his objective and unsensational approach, Alien Base is the first book to make sense of the bewildering diversity of reports from around the world, and the first to conclude that alien races have established bases of their own on Earth.

Culminating with an analysis of the disquieting stories of alien bases now coming from the Puerto Rico area, Timothy Good shows that there is a hard core of such cases which cannot easily be dismissed.

Alien Base: Earth's encounters with Extraterrestrials

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