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Approaches to Water Sensitive Urban Design

Approaches to Water Sensitive Urban Design

Publisher Woodhead Publishing
Year 01/10/2018
Edition First
Pages 628
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9780128128435
Categories Drought & water supply, Conservation of wildlife & habitats, Urban & municipal planning
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Book description

Approaches to Water Sensitive Urban Design: Potential, Design, Ecological Health, Economics, Policies and Community Perceptions covers all aspects on the implementation of sustainable storm water systems for urban and suburban areas whether they are labeled as WSUD, Low Impact Development (LID), Green Infrastructure (GI), Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) or the Sponge City Concept. These systems and approaches are becoming an integral part of developing water sensitive cities as they are considered very capable solutions in addressing issues relating to urbanization, climate change and heat island impacts in dealing with storm water issues. The book is based on research conducted in Australia and around the world, bringing in perspectives in an ecosystems approach, a water quality approach, and a sewer based approach to stormwater, all of which are uniquely covered in this single resource.

Approaches to Water Sensitive Urban Design

Table of contents

1. History of WSUD / LID adoption in Australia and internationally John Radcliffe 2. WSUD approaches and their description Alan Hoban 3. Stormwater quality, pollutant sources, processes and treatment options Ashantha Goonetilleke and Jane-Louise Lampard 4. WSUD design guidelines and data needs Ashok K Sharma, Samira Rashetia, Ted Gardner and Don Begbie 5. The Role of Policy and Regulations in WSUD Implementation Grace Tjandraatmadja 6. Flood and peak flow management using WSUD systems Baden Myers and David Pezzaniti 7. WSUD approaches in Sewer System overflow management Leila Talebi and Robert Pitt 8. Erosion and Sediment Control - WSUD during the construction phase of land development Leon Rowlands 9. Water harvesting potential of WSUD approaches David Hamlyn-Harris, Tony McAlister and Peter Dillon 10. Using WSUD to restore pre-development hydrology Anthony Richard Ladson 11. Urbanization: hydrology, water quality and influences on ecosystem health Fran Sheldon, Catherine Leigh, Wendy Neilan, Michael Newham, Carolyn Polson and Wade Hadwen 12. Protecting and Managing Stream Morphology in Urban Catchments using WSUD Geoff J. Vietz and Robert J. Hawley 13. Urban Lakes as a WSUD Method Christopher Walker and Terry Lucke 14. Economics of WSUD approaches Kym Whiteoak 15. Optimization of WSUD Systems: Selection, Sizing and Layout Graeme C. Dandy, Michael Di Matteo and Holger R. Maier 16. Infrastructure and urban planning context for achieving the visions of integrated urban water management and water sensitive urban design: the case of Melbourne Casey Furlong, Meredith Dobbie, Peter Morison, Jago Dodson and Micah Pendergast 17. Integration of WSUD and Mainstream special planning approaches: lessons from South Africa Elizelle Juanee' Cilliers and Hildegard Rohr 18. Role of WSUD in building sustainable liveable suburbs Beau Bradley Beza, Josh Zeunert and Frank Hanson 19. WSUD and Urban Heat Island effect Mitigation Elmira Jamei and Nigel Tapper 20. The role of green roofs and living walls as WSUD approaches in a dry climate Simon Beecham Mostafa Razzaghmanesh, Rosmina Bustami and James Ward 21. Greening and cooling the city using novel urban water systems: a European perspective Martina Winker, Simon Gehrmann, Engelbert Schramm, Martin Zimmermann, Annette Rudolph-Cleff 22. WSUD asset management operation and maintenance Jack Mullaly 23. Capacity building for WSUD Implementation Rob Catchlove, Susan van de Meene and Sam Phillips 24. Community perception of the implementation and adoption of WSUD Approaches for Stormwater m

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