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Stability, Control and Application of Time-Delay Systems

Stability, Control and Application of Time-Delay Systems

Publisher Elsevier - Health Sciences Division
Year 18/06/2019
Pages 482
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9780128149287
Categories Discrete mathematics, Applied mathematics, Engineering: general, Mechanical engineering
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Book description

Stability, Control and Application of Time-Delay Systems gives a systematic description of these systems. It includes adequate designs of integrated modeling and control and frequency characterizations. Common themes revolve around creating certain synergies of modeling, analysis, control, computing and applications of time delay systems that achieve robust stability while retaining desired performance quality. The book provides innovative insights into the state-of-the-art of time-delay systems in both theory and practical aspects. It has been edited with an emphasis on presenting constructive theoretical and practical methodological approaches and techniques.

Stability, Control and Application of Time-Delay Systems

Table of contents

Part 1. Stability Analysis 1. Introduction to time-delay systems 2. Systems with single delay 3. Systems with multiple delays 4. Stability of fractional order time-delay systems

Part 2. Control Design 5. Frequency domain approach 6. Time domain approach 7. Numerical approximation approach

Part 3. Applications 8. Consensus and formation control of Multi-agent systems with delays 9. Delayed-feedback vibration absorbers for energy harvesting 10. Cloud-Aided Semi-active Suspension with Delayed Information 11. Time delays in power systems 12. Stability assessment of time-delay models in biosciences 13. Human learning dynamics with time delay

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