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The Economics of Education: A Comprehensive Overview

The Economics of Education: A Comprehensive Overview

Publisher Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc
Year 20/01/2020
Edition Second
Pages 602
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9780128153918
Categories Population & demography, Social welfare & social services, Philosophy & theory of education, Funding of education & student finance, Labour economics, Political economy
Replaces 9780080965307
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Book description

The Economics of Education: A Comprehensive Overview, Second Edition, offers a comprehensive and current overview of the field of that is broadly accessible economists, researchers and students. This new edition revises the original 50 authoritative articles and adds Developed (US and European) and Developing Country perspectives, reflecting the differences in institutional structures that help to shape teacher labor markets and the effect of competition on student outcomes.

The Economics of Education: A Comprehensive Overview

Table of contents

Education Markets, Choice, and Incentives 1. The Economic Role of the State in Education 2. Educational Privatization 3. Tiebout Sorting and Competition 4. The Economics of Catholic Schools 5. Competition and Student Performance 6. The Economics of Charter Schools 7. The Economics of Parental Choice 8. The Efficacy of Educational Vouchers 9. The Economics of School Accountability 10. Student Incentives

Overview 1. Theoretical Concepts in the Economics of Education 2. Empirical Research Methods in the Economics of Education 3. Data in the Economics of Education

Private and Social Returns to Human Capital Investments 1. Human Capital 2. Signaling in the Labor Market 3. Returns to Education in Developed Countries 4. Returns to Education in Developing Countries 5. School Quality and Earnings 6. Education and Economic Growth 7. The External Benefits of Education 8. Education and Health 9. Education and Civic Engagement 10. Education and Crime 11. Education and Inequality 12. Race Earnings Differentials 13. The Economics of High School Dropouts

Production, Costs, and Financing of Education 1. Education Production Functions Concepts 2. Education Production Functions Evidence from Developed Countries 3. Education Production Functions Evidence from Developing Countries 4. Family Environment in the Production of Schooling 5. Parental Socioeconomic Status, Child Health, and Human Capital 6. Neighborhoods and Peers in the Production of Schooling 7. Desegregation, Academic Achievement, and Earnings 8. Teacher Quality in Education Production 9. The Economics of Class Size 10. The Economics of Early Childhood Interventions 11. Cost-Benefit Analysis and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis 12. Economic Approaches to Adequacy 13. Economic Approaches to School Efficiency 14. School Finance: An Overview 15. School Finance Reform 16. The Economics of Tuition and Fees in American Higher Education

Teachers and Teacher Labor Markets 1. Teacher Labor Markets: An Overview 2. Teachers in Developing Countries 3. Teacher Supply 4. Economic Approaches to Teacher Recruitment and Retention 5. Compensating Differentials in Teacher Labor Markets 6. Teacher Incentives 7. The Economics of Teachers Unions in the United States 8. Teacher Training and Preparation in the United States

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