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Gas-Particle and Granular Flow Systems

Gas-Particle and Granular Flow Systems

Publisher Elsevier Science Publishers
Year 01/10/2019
Edition First
Pages 386
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9780128163986
Categories Numerical analysis, Quantum & theoretical chemistry, Chemical engineering
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Book description

Gas-Particle and Granular Flow Systems: Coupled Numerical Methods and Applications breaks down complexities, details numerical methods (including basic theory, modeling and techniques in programming), and provides researchers with an introduction and starting point to each of the disciplines involved. As the modeling of gas-particle and granular flow systems is an emerging interdisciplinary field of study involving mathematics, numerical methods, computational science, and mechanical, chemical and nuclear engineering, this book provides an ideal resource for new researchers who are often intimidated by the complexities of fluid-particle, particle-particle, and particle-wall interactions in many disciplines.

Gas-Particle and Granular Flow Systems

Table of contents

1. Particle and Pebble Flow: An Introduction 2. Discrete Particle Models and Extensions 3. Coupled Methods 4. Physical Characterization and Key Parameters 5. Application in Gas-Particle Flows 6. Application in Granular Mixing 7. Application in Pebble Flows

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