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Oxford IB Diploma Programme: Global Politics Course Book

Oxford IB Diploma Programme: Global Politics Course Book

Publisher Oxford University Press
Year 2017
Pages 224
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9780198308836
Categories International relations
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Book description

Equipping teachers and learners to succeed in Global Politics from day 1, this student Course Book has been developed directly with the IB. Helping to develop politically engaged learners who can think critically about the changing 21st Century world, you can rely on it providing the most comprehensive coverage of this subject. Embracing a truly concept-based approach, fully in line with the syllabus, and structured around the central theme of People, Power and
Politics, it ensures learners develop critical understanding of big picture political issues, problems and solutions.

Fully cover the syllabus - written by syllabus developer and UNESCO Chair in Human and Cultural Rights Max Kirsch and developed directly with the IB
Adopt a fully concept-based approach - the truly concept-based structure drives trans-disciplinary understanding
Build critical thought - student-centered activities drive exploration and analysis
Relate politics to the real world - a rich base of current, engaging case-studies ensures subject material is immediately relevant to learners own experiences
Equip learners for assessment - assessment support directly from the IB accurately prepares students to achieve in exams

Oxford IB Diploma Programme: Global Politics Course Book

Table of contents

1: Introduction

2: Power, Sovereignty and international relations

2.1: Introduction

2.2: Social order, ideology and power

2.3: States and statehood in the contemporary world

2.4: The nation state, power and modes of social control

2.5: Violence and structural violence

2.6: Interpretations of justice, liberty and equality

2.7: Non-state actors in global politics

2.8: Interactions in global politics

2.9: Levels of Geographic organization and international relations

2.10: Conclusion

3: Human Rights

3.1: The development of human rights

3.2: The United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights

3.3: The three 'generations' of human rights

3.4: Conclusion

4: Development

4.1: Introduction: The Role of Development in Global Politics

4.2: Contested Meanings of Development

4.3: Factors That May Promote or Inhibit Development

4.4: Pathways Towards Development

4.5: Debates Surrounding Development: Challenges of Globalization, Inequality, Sustainability

4.6: Conclusion

5: Peace and Conflict

5.1: Introduction: the role of Peace and Conflict in Global Politics

5.2: Contested meanings of peace, conflict and violence

5.3: Causes and parties to conflict

5.4: Evolution of conflict

5.5: Conflict resolution and post-conflict transformation

5.6: Conclusions/epilogue

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