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IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science Print and Online Course Book Pack

IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science Print and Online Course Book Pack

Publisher Oxford University Press
Year 01/08/2015
Edition First
Pages 368
Version mixed media
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9780198368434
Categories Biomechanics, human kinetics, Others
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Book description

Written by an experienced teacher, this comprehensive book will provide students with all the material and practice they need to succeed in this brand new subject area. Packed with visual explanation and practice, it will help students fully understand the science behind the body and its relationship to human well-being. Make sure students fully understand - lots of full colour diagrams, illustrations and photographs clearly explain scientific concepts Trust that you're covering everything - the entire syllabus is addressed in an accessible format Provide the best exam preparation - lots of activities are included along with support for all aspects of the examination Know your teaching is in line with the IB ethos - support for TOK, international-mindedness and the learner profile is included Be confident in quality - written by an experienced IB teacher This pack includes one print Course Book and one online Course Book. The online Course Book will be available on Oxford Education Bookshelf until 2022. Access is facilitated via a unique code, which is sent in the mail. The code must be linked to an email address, creating a user account. Access may be transferred once to an additional user.

IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science Print and Online Course Book Pack

Table of contents

1. Musculoskeletal anatomy ; 2. Cardio-respiratory exercise physiology ; 3. Nutrition and energy systems ; 4. Movement analysis ; 5. Skill in sport ; 6. Measurement and evaluation of human performance ; 7. Training to optimise physiological performance ; 8. Environmental factors and performance ; 9. Non-nutritional ergogenic aids ; 10. Individual difference in sport ; 11. Motivation in sport and exercise ; 12. Arousal, anxiety and performance ; 13. Psychological skills training ; 14. Overtraining, stress and burnout in adolescent athletes ; 15. Physical activity in health ; 16. Nutrition for sport and exercise ; 17. Internal assessment and practical work ; 18. Preparing for your exams ; Glossary

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