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Extended Essay Print and Online Course Book Pack: Oxford IB Diploma Programme

Extended Essay Print and Online Course Book Pack: Oxford IB Diploma Programme

Publisher Oxford University Press
Year 23/03/2017
Pages 152
Version other
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9780198421498
Categories Writing & editing guides, Writing skills, Educational equipment & technology, computer-aided learning (CAL)
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Book description

Equip learners to achieve in the Extended Essay. Matched to the new IB Guide, this essential resource provides learners with a step-by-step pathway to maximize achievement. With complete guidance for every aspect of writing and researching, use this resource to strengthen performance. Equip learners to fully understand and address each requirement, with a comprehensive outline of the assessment criteria. Enable effective planning, with step-by-step guidance on independent research techniques. Build the skills central to performance in the Extended Essay, with techniques and strategies that support success. Fully support the new IB guide, first assessed in 2018. This pack includes one print Student Book and one online Course Book. The online Course Book will be available on Oxford Education Bookshelf until 2024. Access is facilitated via a unique code, which is sent in the mail. The code must be linked to an email address, creating a user account. Access may be transferred once to an additional user.

Extended Essay Print and Online Course Book Pack: Oxford IB Diploma Programme

Table of contents

1: The basics
Extended Essay skills and attributes
Extended Essay components
Extended Essay subject availability
Artifacts in language B essays
Extended Essay quiz
2: Getting started
Subject and topic
Designing a research question
Limiting factors
Question vs. title
Question starters
Locating sources
Disproving a research question
Changing your research question
Worksheet: Design your own research question
3: Locating, organizing and evaluating
Primary and secondary sources
Subject-specific source lists
Locating relevant sources
Organizing source material
How do we go from numerous works to a single essay?
Organizing chapters or paragraphs
A. Mind maps
B. Progression charts
C. Branches
Value and limitations
Evaluating methodology
4: Research
Research overview
Research and the research question
Primary research
Key issues and concepts in research
Ethical considerations
Literature review
Conclusions (research findings)
5: Writing essays
Main body
Paragraph writing
Analytical structure: How to demonstrate analysis in writing
Worksheet 1: Meeting the introduction requirements
Worksheet 2: Organizing the main body's key points
6: Supervision
Criterion E (Engagement): Key to success
Exemplar calendar
Overview of forms
Supervisory support emails
The first meeting
The second meeting
Extended Essay cafe (coming soon) [optional]
The third meeting
The three mandatory sessions
Guidance for mandatory sessions
The Extended Essay cafe
Extended Essay cafe checklist
Exemplar EE cafe presentation
7: Assessment (maximizing marks)
The Extended Essay assessment criteria
The strands
Criterion A: Focus and method (6 marks)
The introduction
Criterion B: Knowledge and understanding (6 marks)
Knowledge and understanding checklist
Criterion C: Critical thinking (12 marks)
Critical thinking skills
Criterion D: Presentation (4 marks)
Title page (cover page)
Table of contents
Page numbers
Referencing (citations and bibliography)
Referencing basics
How to add citations and bibliographies using Microsoft Word on a PC
How to add citations and bibliographies using Microsoft Word on a Mac
Word count
Criterion E: Engagement (6 marks)
Towards meaningful reflection
Getting the most out of reflection
Exemplar Reflections on Planning and Progress form
8: Academic honesty
What is academic honesty?
Plagiarism test

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