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IB English B Course Book Pack: Oxford IB Diploma Programme (Print Course Book & Enhanced Online Course Book)

IB English B Course Book Pack: Oxford IB Diploma Programme (Print Course Book & Enhanced Online Course Book)

Publisher Oxford University Press
Year 01/05/2018
Edition Second
Pages 456
Version mixed media
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9780198422327
Categories Language teaching & learning material & coursework, Educational: English language & literacy
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Book description

Written by experienced English B experts and teachers, this print and digital Course Book pack provides the most comprehensive mapping to the latest DP Language B syllabus, for first examination in 2020. Each Course Book Pack is made up of one print Course Book and one enhanced online Course Book, for a rich and interactive learning experience. Developed directly with the IB, you can trust the resource to support confident development of the four language skills and to provide thorough coverage of the new prescribed themes and concepts. Now including plenty of listening practice and a wealth of additional digital materials, this brand new, enhanced edition fully supports the new IB course and assessment. This online Course Book will be available on Oxford Education Bookshelf until 2028. Access is facilitated via a unique code, which is sent in the mail. The code must be linked to an email address, creating a user account. Access may be transferred once to an additional user.

IB English B Course Book Pack: Oxford IB Diploma Programme (Print Course Book & Enhanced Online Course Book)

Table of contents

1: Identities: Fit for life
A: Lifestyles
B: Mental health
C: A healthy life
2: Experiences: Sketching our lives
A: Migration
B: Holidays and travel
C: Leisure activities
3: Human ingenuity: Celebrity
A: Artistic expression
B: Media and communication
C: Entertainment
4: Social organization: Volunteering
A: Community
B: Social engagement
C: Social relationships
5: Sharing the planet: Protecting the planet
A: The environment
B: Urban and rural environments
C: Meeting the challenge
6: Identities: Who we are!
A: Are you living your life in accordance with your values?
B: Language and identity
C: Subcultures
7: Experiences: Facing life's challenges
A: Life stories
B: Customs and traditions
C: Rites of passage
8: Human ingenuity: Scientific and technological innovation
A: Technological innovation
B: Scientific innovation
C: The future of humanity
9: Social organization: 21st-century learning
A: The working world
B: Higher education
C: Education
10: Sharing the planet: Our rights!
A: Human rights
B: Ethics
C: Equality
The extended essay in English B

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