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Over Sea, Under Stone

Over Sea, Under Stone

Publisher Puffin Books
Year 01/11/2019
Edition First
Pages 224
Version paperback
Readership level Children/juvenile
Language English
ISBN 9780241377130
Categories Adventure stories (Children's/YA), Fantasy & magical realism (Children's/YA), Witches & ghosts (Children's/YA)
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Book description

On holiday in Cornwall, Simon, Jane and Barney Drew discover an ancient map in the attic of the Grey House, where they are staying with their mysterious Great-Uncle Merry. They know immediately that it is special. But it is much more than just a map. It is the start of a quest to find a grail, a source of great power that could contain - or resurrect - the powerful, age-old forces of evil in the world. And the Drews are not the only ones searching for it.

Over Sea, Under Stone

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