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Quiet Journal

Quiet Journal

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Book description

A STEP-BY-STEP PRACTICAL GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING AND UNLEASHING YOUR INNER POWER The Sunday Times bestselling phenomenon Quiet forever changed how we see introverts - and how introverts see themselves. Now the Quiet Journal will help you to harness your secret strengths, improve communication and nurture your best self. With questions to help see yourself clearly, prompts to understand your decision-making style and lists to highlight your unique strengths, this guided journal takes you on the Quiet journey to becoming a stronger, more confident person. Part One: Finding Your Quiet - Assess where you are with the Quiet personality quiz - Learn where you sit on the introvert-extrovert spectrum - Realize your authentic qualities and worth Part Two: Using Your Quiet - Carve out space and create boundaries - Increase confidence in areas that make you nervous - Know how best to harness your strengths The Quiet Journal is everything introverts need to thrive in an extroverted world.

Quiet Journal

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