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Superheroes Are Everywhere

Superheroes Are Everywhere

Publisher Penguin Books UK
Year 27/01/2021
Pages 40
Version hardback
Language English
ISBN 9780241528105
$27.40 (with VAT)
121.80 PLN / €26.11 / £22.67
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Book description

Before Kamala Harris was elected to the vice presidency, she was a little girl who loved superheroes. When she looked around, she was amazed to find them everywhere! In her family, amongst her friends, even down the street - there were superheroes wherever she looked. And those superheroes showed here that all you need to do to be a superhero is be the best that you can be.
In this empowering and joyful picture book that speaks directly to children, Kamala Harris takes readers through her life and shows them that the power to make the world a better place is inside all of us. With fun, engaging illustrations by Mechal Renee Roe, as well as guide to being a superhero at the end, this book is sure to have young readers taking up the superhero mantle (cape and mask optional).

Superheroes Are Everywhere

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