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Judaism's Encounter with American Sports

Judaism's Encounter with American Sports

Publisher Indiana University Press
Year 01/08/2005
Pages 248
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9780253347008
Categories Jewish studies
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Book description

Examines how sports entered the lives of American Jewish men and women and how the secular values of sports threatened religious identification and observance. This title uses the experience of sports to illuminate an important mode of modern Jewish religious conflict and accommodation to America.

Judaism's Encounter with American Sports

Table of contents


Prologue: Within the Wide Tent of a Bronx Orthodox Congregation, circa 1960

1. All Alone and Out of Control

2. American Challenges and Jewish Challengers

3. Religious Dilemmas of a Treif Land

4. Strategies of New York's Orthodox Activists

5. Crisis and Compromise

6. Brooklyn's Committed Communities

7. A More Faithful Following

8. Comfortable and Courted

9. Orthodox vs. Orthodox

10. Open and Closed to Feminism

Epilogue: The Tentative Orthodox of the Twenty-First Century

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