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Money Mavericks

Money Mavericks

Publisher Pearson Education
Year 01/05/2012
Edition Second
Pages 248
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9780273772507
Categories Investment & securities
Replaces 9780273731986
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Book description

A new edition of this revealing and incisive account of the incredible inside workings of hedge funds. Shedding light on the incredible inside workings of hedge funds, this book charts the interminable rise of Holte Capital from 2002 to 2008, explaining what it was like to run a hedge fund in a period where the industry went from relative obscurity to something everyone wanted to discuss.


Money Mavericks

Table of contents


About the second edition


Part 1            Getting ready for Holte Capital

1                    Becoming a hedgie

2                   Taking the plunge

3                    Starting a hedge fund

4                     On the road

5                     Limping to launch


Part 2              Becoming the real deal

6                     Mickey Mouse fund

7                     Breaking through

8                     Scaling up and meeting the Godfather

9                     The real deal

10                   Being corporate

11                   Activist investor

12                   A day in the life


Part 3               On the front line

13                   Getting fully examined

14                   Blood in the streets

15            &n

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