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Defying the Holocaust: Ten courageous Christians who supported Jews

Defying the Holocaust: Ten courageous Christians who supported Jews

Publisher SPCK
Year 01/01/2020
Edition First
Pages 272
Version paperback
Readership level General/trade
Language English
ISBN 9780281083626
Categories The Holocaust, Personal Christian testimony & popular inspirational works, Judaism
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Book description

During the Second World War, Christians from many nations and denominations stepped forward with courage, ingenuity and determination to protect and rescue Jews from the Holocaust. In doing so they risked their lives, and many died. Some, such as Corrie ten Boom, are celebrated, but most have been ignored. Historian Tim Dowley tells ten stories of these extraordinary women and men. Prologue Introduction The Nazi Holocaust: A Timeline Chapter 1: A Most Unorthodox Nun: Mother Maria of Paris Chapter 2: Pestilent Priests: Revd Hugh Grimes and Revd Frederick Collard, Vienna Chapter 3: The Borders of Heaven: Jane Haining, Budapest Chapter 4: No Hiding Place: Corrie ten Boom, Harlem Chapter 5: Quakers and U-boats: Dr Elisabeth Abegg, Berlin Chapter 6: The Constant Midwife: Stanislawa Leszczynska, Lodz Chapter 7: The Monk on a Bicycle: Dom Bruno Reynders, Brussels Chapter 8: The Vatican Pimpernel: Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty, Rome Chapter 9: Committed Swedes: Pastors Erik Perwe and Erik Myrgren, Berlin Chapter 10: An Elusive Missionary: Elsie Tilney, Vittel The vast majority of those living under Nazi control were either complicit or turned a blind eye to what was happening. Yet a few, at great risk to their own lives, did all they could to save Jews from capture and death. They are a crucial reminder that the Holocaust was not inevitable. It was not written in fate. There were choices to be made. Tim Dowley does a vital job in telling the stores of ten of the brave men and women who did dare to stand up against the cruelty of the times . Simply and vividly told, these lives both inspire and challenge us.', Richard Harries, author of 'After the Evil: Christianity and Judaism in the shadow of the holocaust.' 'Some books have to be written. Some stories have to be told. Defying the Holocaust will make your heart pound. It will bring you to tears. Its stories will inspire you. Its message will change you.', Steve Chalke, MBE, author of The Lost Message of Paul

Defying the Holocaust: Ten courageous Christians who supported Jews

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