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Diagnosis and Control of Johne's Disease

Diagnosis and Control of Johne's Disease

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Book description

Johne's Disease is a chronic, progressive intestinal disease caused by infection with Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (Map) that affects primarily ruminant animals. In recent decades there has been growing concern over the lack of effective control of this disease and questions have arisen regarding the possibility that Map infection could be a cause of some cases of Crohn's disease in humans. This report presents a broad outline of the steps that should be taken to control Johne's disease, reduce the spread of Map, and minimize effects of the disease in animals. The report also describes the weaknesses of our current research agenda and provides recommendations for a new research strategy to resolve the question of whether there is a link between Johne's and Crohn's diseases.

Diagnosis and Control of Johne's Disease

Table of contents

1 Front Matter; 2 Executive Summary; 3 1. Introduction; 4 2. Johne's Disease in Domesticated and Wild Animals; 5 3. Diagnostics; 6 4. Control Principles and Programs; 7 5. Economic Implications of Johne's Disease; 8 6. Johne's Disease and Crohn's Disease; 9 7. Conclusions and Recommendations; 10 References; 11 Appendix A: Interpretation of Diagnostic Results; 12 Appendix B: USAHA Voluntary Johne's Disease Herd Status Program for Cattle; 13 Appendix C: USDA/APHIS Draft Johne's Disease Control Program; 14 About the Authors; 15 Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources Publications

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