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Psychoanalytic Knowledge

Psychoanalytic Knowledge

Publisher Palgrave MacMillan
Year 04/11/2003
Pages 253
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9780333973912
Categories History of Western philosophy, Philosophy of mind
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Book description

Psychoanalytic Knowledge presents cutting-edge thinking on some fundamental ideas in psychoanalysis by important international scholars in the field of the philosophy of psychoanalysis. It explores the nature of psychoanalytic knowledge in the light of contemporary philosophical views or critiques of a diversity of topics relevant to psychoanalysis: the philosophy of mind; the notion of changing oneself; religion; the notion of interdisciplinary links with psychoanalytic knowledge; post-Freudian psychoanalytic knowledge and challenges to psychoanalytic methodology.

Psychoanalytic Knowledge

Table of contents

Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Examining the Nature of Psychoanalytic Knowledge; M.Cheung Chung Kant and Freud; A.Brook Psychoanalysis as Philosophy, Psychoanalysis as Worldview; C.F.Alford 'Some Unimaginable Substratum': A Contemporary Introduction to Freud's Philosophy of Mind; D.L.Smith Freud and the Neurological Unconscious; G.Gillett The Etiology of Emotion and Ossification of Self: You Can't Change People Because People Don't Change; M.P.Levine The Illusion of a Future; W.D.Hart Emotion, Evolution and Conflict; J.Hopkins Freud, Object Relations, Agency and the Self; T.Pataki Autonomy and the Problem of Suffering: Tragedy and Transcendence in Psychoanalytic Discourse; S.R.Kirschner The Self in Psychoanalysis: Heinz Kohut and Narcissism - A Critique; I.Dilman Challenges to Psychoanalytic Methodology; M.Macmillan Index

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