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Unlocking Legal Learning

Unlocking Legal Learning

Publisher Hodder and Stoughton General Publishing
Year 01/06/2008
Edition Second
Pages 336
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9780340968369
Categories Education, Laws of Specific jurisdictions
Replaces 9780340887615
Replaced by 9781444167863
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Book description

Studying law can be a steep learning curve for anyone who is new to the subject. Unlocking Legal Learning is the essential guide for students who are about to embark on a period of legal study. Taking you from the basics of studying law and what to expect on your first day, Unlocking Legal Learning will show you how to: * use techniques of note-taking in lectures and seminars * access and understand legal materials and references * use legal reasoning * complete coursework and dissertation assignments * revise effectively Unlocking Legal Learning will ensure that you hit the ground running when you start your course and will remain an invaluable guide throughout your time of study. Further study support, including interactive multiple choice questions, is available on the free website www.unlockingthelaw.co.uk. Unlocking the Law is the groundbreaking series of textbooks with a unique approach to the study of law. Unlocking the Law textbooks have been written specifically to ensure that readers understand fully the concepts required and are able to apply them with confidence. All titles in the series follow the same format and include the same features so students can move easily from one subject to another.

Unlocking Legal Learning

Table of contents

Chapter 1 What learning law is all about
Chapter 2 Lectures and seminars
Chapter 3 Reading
Chapter 4 Explaining primary sources and secondary sources
Chapter 5 Using primary and secondary sources and some other general tips
Chapter 6 Understanding legal skills and using legal reasoning
Chapter 7 Completing coursework assignments 1 aEURO" essays
Chapter 8 Completing coursework assignments 2 aEURO" problem questions
Chapter 9 Completing dissertations or projects
Chapter 10 Mooting
Chapter 11 Preparing for examinations aEURO" revision
Chapter 12. Sitting examinations

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