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Fundamentals of Abstract Analysis

Fundamentals of Abstract Analysis

Publisher Taylor & Francis Ltd
Year 17/12/2019
Pages 416
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9780367450175
Categories Mathematics, Calculus & mathematical analysis, Functional analysis & transforms
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Book description

This classic is an ideal introduction for students into the methodology and thinking of higher mathematics. It covers material not usually taught in the more technically-oriented introductory classes and will give students a well-rounded foundation for future studies.

Fundamentals of Abstract Analysis

Table of contents

1. Sets 2. Logic 3. The Set-Theoretic Machinery 4. Mathematical Configurations 5. Equivalence 6. Order 7. Mathematical Induction 8. Fields 9. The Construction of the Real Numbers 10. Complex Numbers 11. Counting and the Size of Sets 12. Limits 13. Sums and Products 14. The Topology of Metric Spaces 15. Introduction to Analytic Functions

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