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Music and Aesthetic Reality

Music and Aesthetic Reality

Publisher Routledge
Year 01/06/2015
Edition First
Pages 212
Version hardback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9780415661027
Categories Philosophy: aesthetics
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Book description

In this volume, Zangwill develops a view of the nature of music and our experience of music that foregrounds the aesthetic properties of music. He focuses on metaphysical issues about aesthetic properties of music, psychological issues about the nature of musical experience, and philosophy of language issues about the metaphorical nature of aesthetic descriptions of music. Among the innovations of this book, Zangwill addresses the limits of literal description, generally, and in the aesthetic case. He also explores the social and political issues about musical listening, which tend to be addressed more in continental traditions.

Music and Aesthetic Reality

Table of contents

Introduction Part I: Music and Emotion 1. Against Emotion: Hanslick Was Right about Music 2. Music, Metaphor and Emotion 3. Music, Emotion and Method Part II: Describing Music 4. Music, Metaphor and Aesthetic Concepts 5. Music, Essential Metaphor, and Private Language 6. Music and Politics 7. Metaphor as Appropriation Part III: Musical Experience 8. Listening to Music Together 9. Scruton's Musical Experiences 10. Aesthetic Experience and Aesthetic Realism Coda

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