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Gynaecology In Focus

Gynaecology In Focus

Publisher Churchill Livingstone
Year 01/11/2004
Edition First
Pages 188
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9780443074370
Categories Gynaecology & obstetrics
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Book description

"In Focus Gynaecology" is aimed at all medical and health science students who require an introductory, low cost and highly illustrated guide to this specialty. The material is presented in double page spreads. The left-hand page has a synoptic and highly structured text (normally under the following headings: incidence; clinical features; differential diagnosis; management; prognosis). The right-hand page has a selection of four to six clinical photographs. "Gynaecology In Focus" is a convenient pocket size, and therefore ideal for quick preparation before ward rounds. Each volume also includes self-assessment material, which is extremely helpful for preparation for examinations. Because of shorter hospital stays and more outpatient treatment, students are less likely to be able to see the full range of conditions on the ward - the books in this series help supply that deficit.

Gynaecology In Focus

Table of contents

1 Making a gynaecological diagnosis 2 Investigative techniques 3 Childhood gynaecological disorders 4 The menstrual cycle 5 Contraception 6 Early pregnancy problems 7 Therapeutic abortion 8 Gynaecological infections 9 Endometriosis 10 Infertility 11 Polycystic ovarian syndrome 12 Benign and malignant conditions of the vulva and vagina 13 Benign, premalignant and malignant conditions of the vagina and cervix 14 Benign and malignant conditions of the uterus 15 Benign and malignant conditions of the fallopian tubes 16 Benign and malignant conditions of the ovary 17 The menopause and climacteric 18 Uterovaginal prolapse 19 Urinary incontinence Questions Answers Index

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