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Molecular Plant Immunity

Molecular Plant Immunity

Publisher Blackwell Science
Year 01/12/2012
Edition First
Pages 304
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9780470959503
Categories Plant pathology & diseases
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Book description

Molecular Plant Immunity provides an integrated look at both well-established and emerging concepts in plant disease resistance providing the most current information on this important vitally important topic within plant biology. Understanding the molecular basis of the plant immune system has implications on the development of new varieties of sustainable crops, understanding the challenges plant life will face in changing environments, as well as providing a window into immune function that could have translational appeal to human medicine. Molecular Plant Immunity opens with chapters reviewing how the first line of plant immune response is activated followed by chapters looking at the molecular mechanisms that allow fungi, bacteria, and oomycetes to circumvent those defenses. Plant resistance proteins, which provide the second line of plant immune defense, are then covered followed by chapters on the role of hormones in immunity and the mechanisms that modulate specific interaction between plants and viruses. The final chapters look at model plant-pathogen systems to review interaction between plants and fungal, bacterial, and viral pathogens. Written by a leading team of international experts, Molecular Plant Immunity will provide a needed resource to diverse research community investigated plant immunity.

Molecular Plant Immunity

Table of contents

Contributors xi Preface xv Chapter 1 The Rice Xa21 Immune Receptor Recognizes a Novel Bacterial Quorum Sensing Factor 1 Chang Jin Park and Pamela C. Ronald Introduction 1 Plants and Animal Immune Systems 2 A Plethora of Immune Receptors Recognize Conserved Microbial Signatures 2 Ax21 Conserved Molecular Signature 3 Non-RD Receptor Kinase Xa21 8 XA21-Mediated Signaling Components 11 Cleavage and Nuclear Localization of the Rice XA21 Immune Receptor 13 Regulation in the Endoplasmic Reticulum: Quality Control of XA21 14 Systems Biology of the Innate Immune Response 15 Acknowledgments 16 References 16 Chapter 2 Molecular Basis of Effector Recognition by Plant NB-LRR Proteins 23 Lisong Ma, Harrold A. van den Burg, Ben J. C. Cornelissen, and Frank L. W. Takken Introduction 23 Building Blocks of NB-LRRs; Classification and Structural Features of Subdomains 24 Putting the Parts Together: Combining the Domains to Build a Signaling Competent NB-LRR Protein 29 Stabilization and Accumulation of NB-LRR Proteins: Their Maturation and Stabilization 30 When the Pathogen Attacks: Perception and Signaling by NB-LRR Proteins 33 Conclusion 35 Acknowledgments 35 References 36 Chapter 3 Signal Transduction Pathways Activated by R Proteins 41 Gitta Coaker and Douglas Baker Introduction 41 R Protein Stability 42 Genetic Separation of CC and TIR-NB-LRR Signaling 42 NB-LRRs Exhibit Modular Structure and Function 44 Subcellular Localization of NB-LRRs 45 NB-LRRs Can Function in Pairs 47 Common Immune Signaling Events Downstream of R Protein Activation 48 Conclusion 50 Acknowledgments 50 References 50 Chapter 4 The Roles of Salicylic Acid and Jasmonic Acid in Plant Immunity 55 Pradeep Kachroo and Aardra Kachroo Introduction 55 Biosynthesis of SA 55 Derivatives of SA 57 SA and Systemic Acquired Resistance 58 SA Signaling Pathway 60 Jasmonates Mediate Plant Immunity 62 JA Biosynthetic Mutants Are Altered in Microbial Defense 63 Receptor Protein Complex Perceives JA 65 Transcription Factors Regulate JA-Derived Signaling 66 JA Regulates Defense Gene Expression 68 Conclusion 68 Acknowledgments 68 References 69 Chapter 5 Effectors of Bacterial Pathogens: Modes of Action and Plant Targets 81 Feng Feng and Jian-Min Zhou Introduction 81 Overview of Plant Innate Immunity 81 Overview of Type III Effectors 83 Host Targets and Biochemical Functi

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