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Crime and the American Dream

Crime and the American Dream

Publisher Cengage Learning, Inc
Year 28/02/2006
Edition Fourth
Pages 176
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9780534619589
Categories Crime & criminology, Courts & procedure, Criminal law & procedure
Replaced by 9781111346966
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Book description

How has America's over-emphasis on the pursuit of materialistic gain contributed to the it's high rate of violent crime? CRIME AND THE AMERICAN DREAM is an easy-to-understand book that offers clear coveral of criminological theory, using institutional anomie theory as a foundation.

Crime and the American Dream

Table of contents

1. A Society Organized for Crime.
2. By Any Means Necessary: Serious Crime in America.
3. Ships in the Night: Theoretical Perspectives in Contemporary Criminology.
4. Culture, Institutional Structure, and Crime.
5. Strengthening Social Institutions and Rethinking the American Dream.

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