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Financial Management

Financial Management

Publisher Cengage Learning, Inc
Year 02/09/1994
Edition Third
Pages 1056
Version hardback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9780538844321
Categories Budgeting & financial management
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Table of contents

Part 1 The Firm; 1. The Firm and its Environment; 2. Maximizing Stockholders' Welfare; 3. The Structure and Interpretation of Accounting Statements; Part 2 Value and Risk; 4. Finding the Present and Future Values of Cash Flows; 5. Financial Risk: Theory and Estimation; 6. Assessing Expected Rates of Return: Theory and Evidence; 7. Bringing Together Risk and Expected Return: Market Value Opportunity Costs and Market Efficiency; Part 3 The Firm's Operating Decisions; 8. The Basics of Capital Budgeting; 9. Special Issues in Capital Budgeting Decision; 10. Adjusting for Uncertainty and Financial Effects in Capital Budgeting Decisions; 11. Managing Total Risk with Derivative Securities; Part 4 Issuing and Valuing Financial Securities; 12. The Capital Acquisition Process; 13. Equity Financing and Stock Valuation; 14. Long-Term Debt and Preferred Stock Part 5 The Firm's Financing Decisions; 15. The Firms' Capital Structure; 16. Resolving Financial Distress; 17. The Dividend Policy Decision; 18. Leasing; Part 6 Financial Planning and Working Capital Management; 19. The Impact of Operating and Financial Decisions on Profits and Cash Flows; 20. A Framework for Financial Planning; 21. Working Capital Management; 22. Managing Current Assets; 23. Managing Current Liabilities; Part 7 Agency considerations and Financial Management; 24. Controlling Agency Costs; 25. The Market for Corporate Control; Part 8 Corporate Restructuring; 26. Mergers; 27. Corporate Restructuring.

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