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Our Planet?s Urban Environments

Our Planet?s Urban Environments

Publisher Solid Star Press
Year 01/01/2017
Edition First
Pages 144
Version other
Language English
ISBN 9780648021049
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Book description

Our Planet?s Urban Environments is one of seven Planet Geography Monographs, each of which covers one option of the Standard Level and Higher Level Options for IBDP Geography Paper 1. The book contains 144 pages in full colour, 17.2cm x 24.5cm, with 4 chapters that mirror the structure of the syllabus. The same content is also available as chapters 25 to 28 in Our Dynamic Planet.

Our Planet?s Urban Environments

Table of contents

 Chapter 1 of Our Planet?s Urban Environments is ?The variety of urban environments?. It comprises 42 pages divided into the following sections:

? Characteristics of urban places

? The pattern of urban economic activities and residential areas

? Case study of the pattern of economic and residential land uses in Yangon

? Poverty, deprivation and informal activity in urban areas

? Case study of begging in Karachi

? Case study of social stresses in London

? Case study of the ebola pandemic

Chapter 2 of Our Planet?s Urban Environments is ?Changing urban systems?. It comprises 26 pages divided into the following sections:

? Urbanisation

? Centrifugal population movements

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