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Plato's Republic: A Ladybird Expert Book

Plato's Republic: A Ladybird Expert Book

Publisher Penguin Books Ltd
Year 07/02/2019
Pages 56
Version hardback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9780718188528
Categories Western philosophy: Ancient, to c 500, Philosophy: epistemology & theory of knowledge, Social & political philosophy
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77.00 PLN / €17.23 / £15.40
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Book description

Part of the ALL-NEW LADYBIRD EXPERT SERIES - Why do humans form societies and what is needed for them to thrive? - How can women's potential be actualized? - How can we protect ourselves from demagogues and tyrants? IMMERSE yourself in the strikingly relevant questions of Plato's influential dialogue, exploring the age old dilemma: Why should I be just? What is a just society, and how can it be created? ACCESSIBLE. AUTHORITATIVE. TIMELY. Written by distinguished philosopher and professor Angie Hobbs, Plato's Republic is the essential introduction to a text that helped shape all Western literature and philosophy.

Plato's Republic: A Ladybird Expert Book

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