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Confronting Tyranny: Ancient Lessons for Global Politics

Confronting Tyranny: Ancient Lessons for Global Politics

Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Year 22/12/2005
Pages 256
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9780742544017
Categories Political structures: totalitarianism & dictatorship
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Book description

Motivated by the reentry of tyranny into political discourse and political action, this new collection of essays compares ancient and contemporary accounts of tyranny in an effort to find responses to current political dilemmas and enduring truths. Identified by Plato and Aristotle as the worst kind of regime, the concept of tyranny was called into question during the Enlightenment and finally rejected in the 20th century as questions of good and evil were separated from facts-the proper domain for political science. However, in our globally interconnected world, tyrants are no longer dangerous solely to their subjects and neighbors, but to all. Confronting Tyranny brings together distinguished scholars to explore the lessons of classical political philosophy for the present political crisis of understanding and action.

Confronting Tyranny: Ancient Lessons for Global Politics

Table of contents

1 Why Talk about Tyranny Today? 2 Tyranny, Ancient and Modern 3 Tyranny Bound 4 An Omission from Ancient and Early Modern Theories of Tyranny: Genocidal Tyrannies 5 Failures of Autonomy: A Hegelian Diagnosis of Modern Tyranny 6 What is "Tyranny"?: Considering the Contested Discourse of Domination in the Twenty-First Century 7 Postcolonial African and Middle Eastern Tyrannies: Combing the Worst of the Classical and Modern Traditions 8 Tyranny and Tragedy in Nietzsche: From the Ancient to the Modern 9 Tyranny from Plato to Locke 10 Is There an Ontology of Tyranny? 11 Tyranny and the Womanish Soul 12 The Soul of the Tyranny, and the Souls of You and Me: Plato's Understanding of Tyranny 13 The Education of a Tyrant 14 The Folly of the Wise? 15 In the Shadow of the Fortress 16 The New Age of Tyranny

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