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Global Contract Logistics

Global Contract Logistics

Publisher Kogan Page
Year 01/07/2019
Edition First
Pages 224
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9780749475932
Categories Purchasing & supply management
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Book description

The role of a contracting professional begins well before the award of a contract and doesn't end until the benefits of the acquisition have been realised, long after the deliverables arrive in a box on a loading dock. Global Contract Logistics tackles the growing complexity of contracting in a technologically accelerating world. The author looks at the common errors and the ten phases of a successful acquisition. Global Contract Logistics examines what it takes to be an intelligent client, one who employs contracting or procurement professionals to obtain goods and services on their behalf. It debunks many commonly held myths involving contracting, procurement and acquisition and outlines ten vital steps towards success for intelligent clients and their supporting acquisition professionals. The text is supported by case studies of projects that the author Steve Morgan has led, during his time with the Ministry of Defence and BAA. Online supporting resources include contract templates for procurement and acquisition projects. "Many books have been written about purchasing, procurement, contracting, acquisition, supplier management or whichever nomenclature the author has chosen to describe the subject. In this book, Global Contract Logistics, Steven has done a great job of debunking the nomenclature based on his own wide practical experiences, and in his own inimical, no-nonsense, sometimes controversial, style he illustrates just why we need all the players in the joined-up end-to-end process to play their roles responsibly and why we need properly qualified and ultimately chartered professionals to undertake procurement and acquisition. Steven is passionate about the responsibility of those at the top of the profession to recruit, train and guide the professionals of the future. Ours is an exciting profession, whether you are buying boots or torpedoes, food or airport terminals, energy or medicines. His book is a great read for the aspiring professional, for key players in the overall contracting process and for those who are already at the top of the tree. It is an honest and pragmatic read, and I can recommend it highly."--Malcolm Harrison, CEO, Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply "In a fast-changing business world, the role of the procurement professional plays a vital part in helping companies and organizations become and remain competitive. The core of this book homes in on the absolute need for procurement and acquisition professionals to be properly trained at the start of their careers and for

Global Contract Logistics

Table of contents

Chapter - 00: Introduction;
Chapter - 01: Professional growth in procurement;
Chapter - 02: Defining the need;
Chapter - 03: Specifying the requirement;
Chapter - 04: Chunking the work (aka acquisition strategy);
Chapter - 05: Competitively selecting the ideal source;
Chapter - 06: Devising an incentivized contract for alignment;
Chapter - 07: Supporting the contractor;
Chapter - 08: Enforcing the contract;
Chapter - 09: Integration;
Chapter - 10: Commissioning;
Chapter - 11: Assessing effectiveness;
Chapter - 12: Conclusions;

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