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Cyber Wars

Cyber Wars

Publisher Kogan Page
Year 01/05/2018
Edition First
Pages 248
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9780749482008
Categories Business & management, Management: leadership & motivation, Computer fraud & hacking
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Book description

Cyber Wars gives you the dramatic inside stories of some of the world's biggest cyber attacks. These are the game changing hacks that make organizations around the world tremble and leaders stop and consider just how safe they really are. Charles Arthur provides a gripping account of why each hack happened, what techniques were used, what the consequences were and how they could have been prevented. Cyber attacks are some of the most frightening threats currently facing business leaders and this book provides a deep insight into understanding how they work, how hackers think as well as giving invaluable advice on staying vigilant and avoiding the security mistakes and oversights that can lead to downfall. No organization is safe but by understanding the context within which we now live and what the hacks of the future might look like, you can minimize the threat. In Cyber Wars, you will learn how hackers in a TK Maxx parking lot managed to steal 94m credit card details costing the organization $1bn; how a 17 year old leaked the data of 157,000 TalkTalk customers causing a reputational disaster; how Mirai can infect companies' Internet of Things devices and let hackers control them; how a sophisticated malware attack on Sony caused corporate embarrassment and company-wide shut down; and how a phishing attack on Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta's email affected the outcome of the 2016 US election. "Timely, well-written, informed, and entertaining. Reading this book will place you amongst those who really know where history suggests we are heading with cyber security. It won't surprise you to know the prospect isn't pretty. Essential reading for everyone who uses technology - and these days that's everyone."--Tim Vincent, CEO, Observer Solutions, and co-founder of the International Operational Technology Security Association "This is not a difficult review for me to write as I absolutely loved this book which covered a number of the widest reported online frauds of the last twenty or so years and what was learned from them. It has certainly made think about my own online security and I suggest it will do likewise to others that read this. A solid five star effort."--Alan Gordon, NetGalley Reviewer "Drawing lessons from the avoidable mistakes of others, Arthur presents insights into the greatest information security failures of our time that no business of any size can afford to ignore."--Simon Moores, Chair, Annual International eCrime Congress, and visiting lecturer, Computing, Digital Forensics and Cybersec

Cyber Wars


00: Introduction;
01: Sony - Systems Wiped, Internal Documents Leaked and Network Completely Shut Down by "The Guardians of Peace";
02: TalkTalk - 157,000 Customer Details Stolen by a Hacker;
03: John Podesta - Gmail Account Hacked and Emails Sent to Wikileaks;
04: Mirai - The DDOS Hack that Revealed the Vulnerability of Internet of Things Devices;
05: HBGary - The Security Company Brought Down by Anonymous;
06: TK Maxx - 94m Credit Card Details Stolen;
07: Ransomware - Using Cryptography as a Weapon to Hold Your Data Hostage;
08: Conclusion

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