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The Job-Ready Guide

The Job-Ready Guide

Publisher Kogan Page
Year 01/05/2019
Edition First
Pages 248
Version paperback
Readership level General/trade
Language English
ISBN 9780749483258
Categories Careers guidance, Business studies: general, Advice on careers & achieving success
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Book description

To get the career you want, you need to be job-ready. This is your all-in-one guide to understanding what employers want and how to prepare yourself with a personal career plan. From gaining work experience, to mastering essential skills and acing the application process, The Job-Ready Guide is a complete resource for standing out from the crowd and getting a job offer. It shows you how to build a strong CV, write an impressive cover letter, excel at interviews, and cultivate the professionalism that employers want. Moving from education into the workplace can be a challenge: the world of work demands skills that you may never have had to truly use - or think about - before. The Job-Ready Guide will help you to boost your employability, covering everything you need to prepare for and start a successful career. You'll be able to conduct a systematic job search, learn how to network and develop a personal brand online, as well as hone valuable skills including leadership, teamwork, creativity and problem-solving. A highly practical, hands-on guide, this book is packed with useful features, including interactive exercises to help you in your real life; insider advice from employers; and tips from professionals at different stages in their careers who reveal 'what they wish they'd known'.

The Job-Ready Guide

Table of contents

Chapter - 00: Introduction;

Section - ONE: Setting yourself up for success;

Chapter - 01: CV building;
Chapter - 02: Career planning;
Chapter - 03: Work experience and internships;
Chapter - 04: Further study;

Section - TWO: Developing job-ready skills;

Chapter - 05: Leadership and teamwork;
Chapter - 06: Communication skills;
Chapter - 07: Problem-solving;
Chapter - 08: Industry knowledge;

Section - THREE: Looking for a job;

Chapter - 09: Systematic job hunting;
Chapter - 10: Understanding what employers want;
Chapter - 11: Social media, personal branding and self-promotion;
Chapter - 12: Networking;
Chapter - 13: Budgeting and money skills;

Section - FOUR: Applying for a job;

Chapter - 14: Creating a winning CV;
Chapter - 15: Covering letters and application forms;
Chapter - 16: Interviews;
Chapter - 17: Assessment centres;
Chapter - 18: Giving presentations;
Chapter - 19: Getting an offer;

Section - FIVE: Starting a job;

Chapter - 20: Planning and preparation;
Chapter - 21: Twenty questions about your first day answered;
Chapter - 22: Making a good impression and building positive relationships;
Chapter - 23: Planning your next move;
Chapter - 24: Index

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