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Orthopedics Interventions for the Physical Therapist Assistant

Orthopedics Interventions for the Physical Therapist Assistant

Publisher F.A. Davis Company
Year 30/11/2019
Pages 480
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9780803643710
Categories Therapy & therapeutics, Physiotherapy
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Book description

Here is the most comprehensive orthopedic textbook for physical therapist assistant students. First laying the foundation of the role of the PTA within the orthopedic plan of care, this text offers students the fundamental knowledge needed to best understand how the PT evaluates a patient. From principles of tissue healing to detailed descriptions of the most common pathologies, tests and interventions for each body region, this text prepares the PTA for best patient education and care. Key features: Full color Illustrations of the pathologies along with color photos of the interventions and techniques Anatomy Tables summarize pertinent information about joints, muscles and connective tissue in each chapter. Clinical alerts call attention to signs, symptoms or conditions the PTA should monitor for CPG indicators inform the reader when a protocol is supported by an industry-accepted clinical practice guideline. Bottom Line Boxes Summarize the key information about specific pathologies Instructor resources: Ebook, classroom & lecture planning resources. Includes image bank, PowerPoint slides, patient cases, review questions Student resources: Cases and answers

Orthopedics Interventions for the Physical Therapist Assistant

Table of contents

Part I Physical Therapist Assistant and Orthopedic Management
1. The Role of the Physical Therapist Assistant in Orthopedic Physical Therapy
2. Evidence Based practice
3. The Goals of Orthopedic Physical Therapy
4. Interventions to Promote Healing in Various Tissues

Part II Upper Extremities
5. Orthopedic Interventions for the Shoulder
6. Orthopedic Interventions for the Elbow and Forearm
7. Orthopedic Interventions for the Wrist and Hand

Part III Spine
9. Orthopedic Interventions for the Thoracic and Lumbar Spine
8. Orthopedic Interventions for the Cervical Spine and Temporomandibular Joint

Part IV Lower Extremities
10. Orthopedic Interventions for the Pelvis and Hip
11. Orthopedic Interventions for the Knee
12. Orthopedic Interventions for the Ankle and Foot

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