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Indonesian for Beginners

Indonesian for Beginners

Publisher Tuttle Publishing
Year 01/03/2019
Pages 192
Version paperback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9780804849180
Categories Language self-study texts
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Book description

Selamat datang! Learn to read, write, and speak Indonesian! By completing the 12 lessons in Indonesian for Beginners, you will learn not only to understand, speak, read and write basic Indonesian, but also about many important aspects of Indonesia's amazingly diverse culture, people, and places. This book provides a gateway to understanding the Indonesian language and country, and helps you to apply what you learn in a way that is relevant, meaningful and fun. The course is structured around the concept of spending a year in Indonesia experiencing different seasonal events which bring the learner on a journey. In this way, the cultural and background information become a natural part of the understanding of the language and help the learner to place what they have learned into context as part of a full narrative about life in Indonesia. Each chapter contains the following elements: An introduction with images and captions; Grammar points; A word bank presenting key vocabulary; One or more sample conversations; Listening practice and readings; An Indonesian and me section that uses Indonesian to talk about yourself; Key questions and statements; Drills and exercises. Indonesian for Beginners includes reading, writing and speaking tasks based on authentic real-life materials. While aimed at learners taking a classroom course, it can also be used by anyone studying Indonesian in other ways in a high school course or as a self-study book.

Indonesian for Beginners

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