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Human Rights: Fact Or Fancy?

Human Rights: Fact Or Fancy?

Publisher Louisiana State University Press
Year 30/05/2007
Pages 276
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9780807133217
Categories Human rights, Systems of law
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Book description

In his provocative and highly readable study, Human Rights: Fact or Fancy?, Henry B. Veatch finds the basis for human rights in natural law. He builds his argument step by step, carefully laying the foundation for his central assertion that our basic rights are discoverable directly in the facts of nature. Although the bulk of contemporary concern is with the law only and not with ethics, Veatch insists that this approach is mistaken because it leaves no place for what Aristotle called ""a natural justice."" Law must be based on ethics, he maintains, and ethics in turn must be grounded in fact and therefore must have a basis in nature.

Human Rights: Fact Or Fancy?

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