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Poetry of the American Renaissance

Poetry of the American Renaissance

Publisher George Braziller Inc
Year 01/04/2012
Pages 383
Version paperback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9780807616192
Categories Poetry
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Book description

First published in 1995 and out of print for several years, this is a comprehensive anthology comprised of the most important American poets who produced work during the half century between 1820-1870. Paul Kane has included not only the well-known masters, like Thoreau, Dickinson, Poe, and Whitman, but also African-American, Native American and female poets, making his book one of the most thorough and well-researched anthologies available today. Kane's critical introduction offers historical context, along with informative head notes and helpful resources in a convenient and accessible format. There is an extensive reference section located in the back of the book, providing information for students and academics interested in further reading. SELLING POINTS: Ideal for anyone interested in the history of American poetry and its context in the global practice of poetry

Poetry of the American Renaissance

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