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Microbial Endophytes

Microbial Endophytes

Publisher Taylor & Francis
Year 01/02/2000
Edition First
Pages 500
Version hardback, multibook
book_number 73
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9780824788315
Categories Microbiology (non-medical), Plant pathology & diseases
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1 221.48 PLN / €266.85 / £241.50
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Book description

Examining intercellular infections in certain plant species that lead to a symbiotic relationship between the host and its endophytic microbes, this volume demonstrates the ability of many types of endosymbionts, acting as a unit with hosts to better survive, compete and reproduce. Practical applications of such endophytes are also discussed, for example, pharmaceutical developments and agricultural management. "...Two of the leading workers on grass endophytes have now marshalled 27 authors to produce this 17 chapter treatise.... ...certainly a work for the shelves of all major mycological libraries. " ---Mycological Research, 2000

Microbial Endophytes

Table of contents

Association in stems and leaves. Associations with roots and bacterial endophytes. Endophyte physiology and the biochemical arsenal.

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