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Neurocritical Care Board Review: Questions and Answers

Neurocritical Care Board Review: Questions and Answers

Publisher Springer Publishing Co Inc
Year 30/12/2018
Edition Second
Pages 520
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9780826123596
Categories Allergies, Neurology & clinical neurophysiology
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Book description

Updated and expanded second edition of the singular review source for neurocritical care boards, this book contains multiple-choice questions that cover the breadth of topics tested on the boards with answers and rationales for self-study. The book has been completely and thoroughly revised to reflect the requirements for initial certification or recertification in Neurocritical Care with the latest findings of the most recent clinical trials in vascular neurology, neurocritical care, and critical care medicine incorporated. Organized to reflect the training curriculum and exam blueprint, the second edition now contains 740 questions addressing both neuroscience critical care and general critical care core knowledge. Detailed explanations are provided for each question along with references for further study. Case questions with angiograms, EEG and monitoring waveforms, CT perfusion scans, and other images allow candidates to familiarize themselves with these tools that form a significant part of the exam. This book is an excellent resource not only for board preparation but for topical review for residents and fellows from all disciplines of medicine rotating in the neurocritical care unit as it is easy to read, concise, and portable with case examples and imaging to further guide education. Trainees taking the surgical or medicine critical care boards will also find it useful as it covers the neurocritical care component of their board curriculums. Key Features: Second edition of the first dedicated review book available for neurocritical care boards Over 90 entirely new questions added to ensure coverage of the full range of topics tested on boards and essential to training in neurocritical care Revised and updated questions, answers, and references to reflect current science and practice Comprehensive high-yield review of both neurological and general critical care topics New chapter on critical care EEG and more image-based case questions to augment learning Digital access to the ebook for review on any device

Neurocritical Care Board Review: Questions and Answers

Table of contents

Part One: Neurologic Disease States: Pathology, Pathophysiology, and Therapy
Section One: Cerebrovascular Diseases
1. Infarction, Ischemia, and Hemorrhage: Reza Behrouz
2. Subarachnoid Hemorrhage and Vascular Malformations
Section Two: Neurotrauma
3. Neurotrauma: Anand Kaul and Scott R. Shephard
Section Three: Disorders, Diseases, Seizures, and Epilepsy
4. Seizures and Epilepsy: Grant M. Warmouth and Carolina Maciel
5. Critical Care EEG: Hiba Arif Haider
6. Neuromuscular Medicine: Suur Biliciler, Justin Kwan, Cecile L. Phan, and Mithila Vullaganti
7. CNS Infections: Doris Kung, Rohini Samudralwar
8. Toxic-Metabolic Disorders: Elissa K. Fory
9. Inflammatory and Demyelinating Diseases: Carlos Perez, Shivika Chandra, and Flavia Nelson
10. Neuroendocrine Disorders: Matthew Flaherty, Howard J. Fan, and Anh Nguyen
11. Neuro-Oncology: Keith Kerr, Yoshua Esquenazi, and Nitin Tandon
12. Encephalopathies: Corey E. Goldsmith
13. Clinical Syndromes: Howard J. Fan
14. Perioperative Neurosurgical Care: Brett Simpson, Yoshua Esquenazi, and Nitin Tandon
15. Pharmacology and Practical Use of Medications in Neurocritical Care: Monica Lee, Elizabeth Franco, and Teresa A. Allison
Part Two: General Critical Care: Pathology, Pathophysiology, and Therapy
16. Cardiovascular Physiology and Diseases: Mehul Desai
17. Respiratory Diseases: Aditya Kasarabada
18. Renal Diseases: Sumeska Thavarajah and Daphne H. Knicely
19. Endocrine Disorders: Farah Meah, Mary Ann Emanuele, Lily Agrawal, Nicholas Emanuele, and Alaleh Mazhari
20. Infectious Diseases: Salia Farrokh and Pouya Tahsili Fahadan
21. Acute Hematologic Disorders: Soo J. Park and Aaron M. Goodman
22. Acute Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Disorders: Philip M. Sommer and Asad Latif
23. Diagnosis of Brain Death: Subhashini Ramesh
24. General Trauma and Burns: Sasha D. Adams, Nori L. Bradley, and Amy R. Algers
25. Ethical and Legal Aspects of Critical Care Medicine: Nasiya Ahmed
26. Principles of Research in Critical Care: Suur Biliciler and Justin Kwan
27. Procedural Skills and Monitoring: Jing Wang, George W. Williams, and Laith Altaweel
28. Clinical Cases: Asma Zakaria

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