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Key Terms in Phonology

Key Terms in Phonology

Publisher Continuum Publishing Corporation
Year 23/01/2020
Pages 256
Version hardback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9780826425867
Categories Phonetics, phonology
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Book description

Phonology is a sub-discipline of linguistics that describes the way sounds function within a given language, or across languages. It can be quite a difficult field of study, but this handy book maps out all the key terminology and concepts that students at undergraduate and masters level will need. The authors provide the necessary explanation, background and context to enable readers to fully understand each concept discussed. As well as key terms, the book has sections on key thinkers and perspectives as well as key texts and readings. This is a must-have book for undergraduates seeking a student reference to phonology, as well as for those at a higher level coming to the discipline anew.

Key Terms in Phonology

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