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Crystal Growth & Nucleation

Crystal Growth & Nucleation

Publisher Royal Society of Chemistry
Year 01/01/2007
Pages 428
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9780854049523
Categories Crystallography
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Book description

This book discusses the contemporary techniques and the latest applications in the field of nucleation, growth, inhibition and dissolution of solids. It covers techniques, including diffraction, small angle scattering, probe microscopy, optical microscopy, crystallization techniques and both atomistic and meso-scale modelling methods; and applications, which consider inorganic materials, micro-porous and meso-porous materials, molecular crystals, biomaterials, minerals, semi-conductors and pharmaceuticals. It is a key point of reference for researchers working in related fields and offers a comprehensive guide to research and opinion in this area. Faraday Discussions document a long-established series of Faraday Discussion meetings which provide a unique international forum for the exchange of views and newly acquired results in developing areas of physical chemistry, biophysical chemistry and chemical physics. The papers presented are published in the Faraday Discussion volume together with a record of the discussion contributions made at the meeting. Faraday Discussions therefore provide an important record of current international knowledge and views in the field concerned.

Crystal Growth & Nucleation


Lessons from biomineralization: comparing the growth strategies of mollusc shell prismatic and nacreous layers in Atrina rigida; Sintering, crystallisation and biodegradation behaviour of Bioglass (R)-derived glass-ceramics; The formation of nanoscale structures in soluble phosphosilicate glasses for biomedical applications: MD simulations; Towards an atomic-scale understanding of crystal growth in solution; A multi-technique approach for probing the evolution of structural properties during crystallization of organic materials from solution; An examination of polymorphic stability and molecular conformational flexibility as a function of crystal size associated with the nucleation and growth of benzophenone; General Discussion; Insights into the crystal growth mechanisms of zeolites from combined experimental imaging and theoretical studies; Crystal growth in nanoporous framework materials; New insights into the formation of microporous materials by in situ scattering techniques; Cocrystal architecture and properties: design and building of chiral and racemic structures by solid-solid reactions; The nucleation of inosine: the impact of solution chemistry on the appearance of polymorphic and hydrated crystal forms; Membrane protein crystallization in lipidic mesophases. A mechanism study using X-ray microdiffraction; General Discussion; Test of Cairns-Smiths crystals-as-genes hypothesisPrecipitation of L-glutamic acid: determination of growth kinetics; Precursor structures in the crystallization/precipitation processes of CaCO3 and control of particle formation by polyelectrolytes; Does supercooled liquid Si have a density maximum?; Simulating ice nucleation, one molecule at a time, with the DFT microscope; Nucleation in alkali metal chloride solution observed at the cluster level; General Discussion; The effect of oxygen-containing reagents on the crystal morphology and orientation in tungsten oxide thin films deposited via atmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition (APCVD) on glass substrates; Stabilization of metastable phases in spatially restricted fields: the case of the Fe2O3 polymorphs; Using in situ synchrotron radiation wide angle X-ray scattering (WAXS) to study CaCO3 scale formation at ambient and elevated temperature; Nucleation and control of clathrate hydrates: insights from simulation; Crystallization of carbon tetrachloride in confined geometries; General Discussion; Concluding Remarks; Crystal growth and nucleation: tracking precursors to polymorphs

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