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Publisher Watkins Media
Year 23/02/2021
Pages 400
Version paperback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9780857668431
Categories Adventure, Science fiction, Fantasy
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92.00 PLN / €19.93 / £16.87
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Book description

In 2070, nanotech longevity drugs have become the de-facto currency of a post-apocalyptic Earth. Glow is one such drug, addictive and all-controlling, with the devastating power to copy, edit, and paste memories from host to host. On the streets of Coriolis City, Rex battles his addiction to Glow, and the beguiling, terrifying voices it puts in his head, all while fleeing drug liches, corrupt militia, and an unstoppable assassin sent down from space. Above, an orbital empire wages war against Earth's forces, seeking ultimate control of the planet. In such a massive conflict, Rex's uncanny ability to resist Glow might just make him the key to changing the world. File Under: Science Fiction [ Hivemind | One More Fix | No Escape | Run Like Hell ]


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