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Numerical Methods of Exploration Seismology: With Algorithms in MATLAB (R)

Numerical Methods of Exploration Seismology: With Algorithms in MATLAB (R)

Publisher Cambridge University Press
Year 10/01/2019
Pages 450
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9781107170148
Categories Petroleum & oil industries, Numerical analysis, Wave mechanics (vibration & acoustics), Geophysics, Volcanology & seismology, Petroleum technology
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Book description

Exploration seismology uses seismic imaging to form detailed images of the Earth's interior, enabling the location of likely petroleum targets. Due to the size of seismic datasets, sophisticated numerical algorithms are required. This book provides a technical guide to the essential algorithms and computational aspects of data processing, covering the theory and methods of seismic imaging. The first part introduces an extensive online library of MATLAB (R) seismic data processing codes maintained by the CREWES project at the University of Calgary. Later chapters then focus on digital signal theory and relevant aspects of wave propagation and seismic modelling, followed by deconvolution and seismic migration methods. Presenting a rigorous explanation of how to construct seismic images, it provides readers with practical tools and codes to pursue research projects and analyses. It is ideal for advanced students and researchers in applied geophysics, and for practicing exploration geoscientists in the oil and gas industry.

Numerical Methods of Exploration Seismology: With Algorithms in MATLAB (R)

Table of contents

Preface; 1. Introduction to MATLAB and seismic data; 2. Signal theory - continuous; 3. Signal theory - discrete; 4. Wave propagation and seismic modelling; 5. Deconvolution - the estimation of reflectivity; 6. Velocity measures and ray tracing; 7. Elementary migration methods; References; Index.

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