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Biology for the IB Diploma Coursebook with Free Online Material

Biology for the IB Diploma Coursebook with Free Online Material

Publisher Cambridge University Press
Year 01/03/2014
Edition Second
Pages 414
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9781107654600
Categories Teaching of a specific subject, Biology, life sciences, Educational: Biology
Replaces 9780521171786
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Book description

Biology for the IB Diploma, Second edition covers in full the requirements of the IB syllabus for Biology for first examination in 2016. The second edition of this well-received Coursebook is fullly updated for the IB Biology syllabus for first examination in 2016, comprehensively covering all requirements. Get the best coverage of the syllabus with clear assessment statements, and links to Theory of Knowledge, International-mindedness and Nature of Science themes. Exam preparation is supported with plenty of sample exam questions, online test questions and exam tips. Chapters covering the Options and Nature of Science, assessment guidance and answers to questions are included in the free online material available with the book.

Biology for the IB Diploma Coursebook with Free Online Material

Table of contents

Introduction; 1. Cell biology; 2. Molecular biology; 3. Genetics; 4. Ecology; 5. Evolution and biodiversity; 6. Human physiology; 7. Nucleic acids HL; 8. Metabolism, cell respiration and photosynthesis HL; 9. Plant biology HL; 10. Genetics and evolution HL; 11. Animal physiology HL; Answers to test yourself questions; Glossary; Option A. Neurobiology and behaviour; Option B. Biotechnology and bioinformatics; Option C. Ecology and conservation; Option D. Human health and physiology; Self-test questions; Assessment guidance; Model exam papers and mark schemes; Nature of Science; Answers to exam-style questions; Answers to Options questions.

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