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Astrophysics of Planet Formation

Astrophysics of Planet Formation

Publisher Cambridge University Press
Year 30/01/2020
Edition Second
Pages 342
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9781108420501
Categories Mathematics & science, Solar system: the Sun & planets, Astrophysics, Geophysics
Replaces 9780521887458
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Book description

Concise and self-contained, this textbook gives a graduate-level introduction to the physical processes that shape planetary systems, covering all stages of planet formation. Writing for readers with undergraduate backgrounds in physics, astronomy, and planetary science, Armitage begins with a description of the structure and evolution of protoplanetary disks, moves on to the formation of planetesimals, rocky, and giant planets, and concludes by describing the gravitational and gas dynamical evolution of planetary systems. He provides a self-contained account of the modern theory of planet formation and, for more advanced readers, carefully selected references to the research literature, noting areas where research is ongoing. The second edition has been thoroughly revised to include observational results from NASA's Kepler mission, ALMA observations and the JUNO mission to Jupiter, new theoretical ideas including pebble accretion, and an up-to-date understanding in areas such as disk evolution and planet migration.

Astrophysics of Planet Formation

Table of contents

Preface; 1. Observations of planetary systems; 2. Protoplanetary disk structure; 3. Protoplanetary disk evolution; 4. Planetesimal formation; 5. Terrestrial planet formation; 6. Giant planet formation; 7. Early evolution of planetary systems; Appendix 1: physical and astronomical constants; Appendix 2: N-body methods; References; Index.

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