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Manana Coursebook: Spanish B for the IB Diploma

Manana Coursebook: Spanish B for the IB Diploma

Publisher Cambridge University Press
Year 27/09/2018
Edition Second
Pages 338
Version paperback
Readership level Children/juvenile
Language Spanish
ISBN 9781108440592
Categories Language acquisition, Language teaching & learning material & coursework, Educational: Languages other than English
Replaces 9781107568587
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Book description

An expertly written Spanish B course now updated for first examination 2020, providing students with thought-provoking materials to help them develop strong language skills and solid critical thinking. The coursebook helps students develop their Spanish language skills as they explore the five themes from the new IB Diploma Language B guide: identities, experiences, human ingenuity, social organisation and sharing the planet. Each unit begins with 'big questions' that get learners thinking about global topics such as, 'how do we express our identity?' These help students appreciate wider issues before developing their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills through international texts, practice exercises and activities in the style of the exam. Answers to questions and audio files for the listening exercises are in the teacher's resource.

Manana Coursebook: Spanish B for the IB Diploma

Table of contents

Introduccion; 1. Identidades: El espanol: una lengua viva; 1.2. Che Guevara; 1.3. Valorar las propias raices; 1.4. Amor en La Higuera; 2. Experiencias: 2.1. Los sombreros; 2.2. El ultimo viaje de Cortazar; 2.3. Vida deportiva: rompiendo estereotipos; 2.4. El otro viaje de Cortazar; 3. Ingenio humano: 3.1. Frida Kahlo; 3.2. Ingenio humano; 3.3. Etica, ciencia y tecnologia; 3.4. Una manera creativa de ver el mundo; 4. Organizacion social: 4.1. La Monarquia; 4.2. Adolescentes, una nueva generacion; 4.3. Organizacion social; 4.4. Unidad Literaria: Leyendas prehispanicas; 5. Compartimos el planeta: 5.1. Compartimos el planeta; 5.2. La alimentacion en el planeta; 5.3. Pandemias; 5.4. Palabras; 6. Tipos de texto.

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