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River Networks as Ecological Corridors: Species, Populations, Pathogens

River Networks as Ecological Corridors: Species, Populations, Pathogens

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Book description

River networks are critically important ecosystems. This interdisciplinary book provides an integrated ecohydrological framework blending laboratory, field, and theoretical evidence that changes our understanding of river networks as ecological corridors. It describes how the physical structure of the river environment impacts biodiversity, species invasions, population dynamics, and the spread of waterborne disease. State-of-the-art research on the ecological roles of the structure of river networks is summarized, including important studies on the spread and control of waterborne diseases, biodiversity loss due to water resource management, and invasions by non-native species. Practical implications of this research are illustrated with numerous examples throughout. This is an invaluable go-to reference for graduate students and researchers interested in river ecology and hydrology, and the links between the two. Describing new related research on spatially-explicit modeling of the spread of waterborne disease, this book will also be of great interest to epidemiologists and public health managers.

River Networks as Ecological Corridors: Species, Populations, Pathogens

Table of contents

Preface; Acknowledgments; 1. Introduction; 2. Species; 3. Populations; 4. Waterborne disease; 5. Afterthoughts and outlook; Appendix A. Stability of dynamical systems and bifurcation analysis; Appendix B. Optimal channel networks and geomorphological statistical mechanics; Appendix C. Computational tools for waterborne disease spread; References; Index.

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