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Conservation Research, Policy and Practice

Conservation Research, Policy and Practice

Publisher Cambridge University Press
Year 16/04/2020
Pages 368
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9781108714587
Categories Management of land & natural resources, Conservation of the environment
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Book description

Conservation research is essential for advancing knowledge but to make an impact scientific evidence must influence conservation policies, decision making and practice. This raises a multitude of challenges. How should evidence be collated and presented to policymakers to maximise its impact? How can effective collaboration between conservation scientists and decision-makers be established? How can the resulting messages be communicated to bring about change? Emerging from a successful international symposium organised by the British Ecological Society and the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, this is the first book to practically address these questions across a wide range of conservation topics. Well-renowned experts guide readers through global case studies and their own experiences. A must-read for practitioners, researchers, graduate students and policymakers wishing to enhance the prospect of their work 'making a difference'. This title is also available as Open Access on Cambridge Core.

Conservation Research, Policy and Practice

Table of contents

Introduction and Scene Setting: 1. Making a difference in conservation: linking science and policy William J. Sutherland, Nancy Ockendon, Nathalie Pettorelli, Juliet A. Vickery, Peter N. M. Brotherton and Zoe G. Davies; 2. Working in government: conservation research, policy and practice Ian Boyd; Part I. Identifying Priorities and Collating the Evidence: 3. Scanning horizons in research, policy and practice Bonnie C. Wintle, Mahlon C. Kennicutt, II and William J. Sutherland; 4. Generating, collating and using evidence for conservation John D. Altringham, Anna Berthinussen and Claire F. R. Wordley; 5. Understanding local resource users' behaviour, perspectives and priorities to underpin conservation practice E. J. Milner-Gulland, Harriet Ibbett, Paulo Wilfred, Hans Cosmas Ngoteya and Peni Lestari; 6. Mobilisation of indigenous and local knowledge as a source of useable evidence for conservation partnerships Pernilla Malmer, Vanessa Masterson, Beau Austin and Maria Tengoe; 7. Informing conservation decisions through evidence synthesis and communication Andrew S. Pullin, Samantha H. Cheng, Steven J. Cooke, Neal Haddaway, Biljana Macura, Madeleine C. Mckinnon and Jessica J. Taylor; 8. Aligning evidence for use in decisions: mechanisms to link collated evidence to the needs of policymakers and practitioners Lynn V. Dicks, Barbara Livoreil, Rebecca K. Smith, Heidi Wittmer and Juliette Young; Part II. Influencing and Making Decisions: 9. The use of evidence in decision-making by practitioners Malcolm Ausden and Jessica C. Walsh; 10. Effective engagement of conservation scientists with decision makers David C. Rose, Megan C. Evans and Rebecca M. Jarvis; 11. Conservation decisions in the face of uncertainty Robert P. Freckleton; 12. The natural capital approach to integrating science, economics and policy into decisions affecting the natural environment Ian Bateman, Amy Binner, Brett Day, Michela Faccioli, Carlo Fezzi, Alex Rusby and Greg Smith; 13. Working with government: innovative approaches to evidence-based policy-making Edith Arndt, Mark Burgman, Karen Schneider and Andrew Robinson; 14. Approaches to conflict management and brokering between groups Juliette Young, Clive Mitchell and Steve Redpath; 15. Conservation goals in international policies Aletta Bonn, Marianne Darbi, Hyejin Kim and Elisabeth Marquard; Part III. Communicating the Message: 16. Citizens and science: media, communication and conservation Libby Lester and Kerrie Foxwell-Norton; 17. Campaigning to bring about change Cathy Dean and Amy Hinsley; 18. Behavioural insights for conservation and sustainability Toby Park; 19. Social marketing and conservation Robert J. Smith, Gabby Salazar, Joseph Starinchak, Laura A. Thomas-Walters and Diogo Verissimo; Conclusion: 20. Successfully translating conservation research into practice and policy: concluding thoughts Nathalie Pettorelli, Peter N.M. Brotherton, Zoe G. Davies, Nancy Ockendon, William J. Sutherland, Juliet A. Vickery; Index.

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