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Moffat's Trusts Law: Text and Materials

Moffat's Trusts Law: Text and Materials

Publisher Cambridge University Press
Year 14/05/2020
Edition 7
Pages 1080
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9781108796446
Categories Common law, Equity & trusts, Property law
Replaces 9781107512832
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Book description

Always the serious student's choice for a Trusts Law textbook, the new seventh edition of Moffat's Trusts Law once again provides a clear examination of the rules of Trusts, retaining its hallmark combination of a contextualised approach and a commercial focus. The impact of statutory developments and a wealth of new cases - including the Supreme Court and Privy Council decisions in Patel v. Mirza [2016] UKSC 42, PJS v. News Group Newspapers Ltd [2016] UKSC, Burnden Holdings v. Fielding [2018] UKSC 14, and Federal Republic of Brazil v. Durant [2015] UKPC 35 - are explored. A streamlining of the chapters on charitable Trusts, better to align the book with the typical Trusts Law course, helps students understand the new directions being taken in the areas of Trust Law and equitable remedies.

Moffat's Trusts Law: Text and Materials

Table of contents

Preface to the Seventh Edition; Acknowledgements; Table of Abbreviations; Useful Websites; Table of Statutes; Table of Statutory Instrument; Table of Cases; 1. Trusts Introduced; 2. The Evolution of the Private Express Trust; 3. Creating the Trust - I; 4. Creating the Trust - II; 5. Trusts and Public Policy; 6. Flexibility in Relation to Beneficial Entitlement; 7. An Introduction to Trustees and Trusteeship; 8. Aspects of the Management of Trusts; 9. Trusteeship, Control and Breach of Trust; 10. Implied Trusts and the Family Home; 11. Trusts in Commerce I: Commerce and Equitable Remedies; 12. Trusts in Commerce II: Commerce, Credit and the Trust; 13. Trusts in Commerce III: Fiduciary Relationships, Commerce and the Trust; 14. Trust, Contract and Unincorporated Associations; 15. An Introduction to the Law of Charity; 16. The Legal Definition of 'Charity'; 17. Trusts - an International Dimension; Index

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