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Wydawcy udostępniają darmowe zasoby na czas epidemii

TNM Supplement

TNM Supplement

Publisher Blackwell Science
Year 01/09/2019
Edition First
Pages 328
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9781119263937
Categories Clinical & internal medicine
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Book description

The Union for International Cancer Controls (UICC) TNM classification system is the most widely used cancer classification and staging system in the world. It is used to describe the anatomical extent of disease and it is essential to patient care, research and cancer control. This fifth edition of the TNM Supplement: A Commentary of Uniform Use offers practitioners a wealth of material intended to complement the systems day-to-day use. The volume features: Updated definitions of terms used in cancer staging. New sections on carcinomas of the thymus, sarcomas of the spine and pelvis and soft tissue sarcomas of the head and neck, and comprehensive updates to the head and neck carcinomas, carcinomas of the lung and neuroendocrine tumours sections. Frequently asked questions from the UICC helpdesk. The Supplement may be treated as a companion text to the recent eighth edition of the TNM Classification of Malignant Tumours (978-1-119-26357-9), supporting the correct and uniform application of the TNM classification system. The TNM Supplement can also be utilised as a standalone book, providing explanations and examples to answer many questions that arise during the daily use of the TNM cancer classification and staging system, particularly in unusual cases.

TNM Supplement

Table of contents

Preface viii

Organizations Associated with the TNM System xiii

National Committees xiii

Acknowledgements xv

Abbreviations xvi

Chapter 1 Explanatory Notes - General

The General Rules of the TNM System 1

The TNM Clinical and Pathological Classifications 7

Residual Tumour (R) Classification 15

Additional Descriptors 20

Optional Descriptors 24

Unknown Primary 25

Staging of Tumours for Which No TNM Classification is Provided 25

Histopathological Grading 26

References 28

Chapter 2 Explanatory Notes - Specific Anatomical Sites

Head and Neck Tumours 34

Digestive System Tumours 54

Lung, Pleural and Thymic Tumours 85

Bone Tumours 104

Soft Tissue Tumours 106

Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour (GIST) 108

Skin Tumours 110

Breast Tumours 118

Gynaecological Tumours 122

Urological Tumours 131

Ophthalmic Tumours 142

Hodgkin and Non?Hodgkin Lymphomas 149

References 150

Chapter 3 Site?Specific Requirements for pT and pN

Introduction 157

Head and Neck Tumours 160

Digestive System Tumours 166

Lung and Pleural Tumours 173

Tumours of Bone and Soft Tissues 176

Skin Tumours 179

Breast Tumours 183

Gynaecological Tumours 185

Urological Tumours 188

Adrenal Cortex Tumours 192

Ophthalmic Tumours 193

Hodgkin and Non?Hodgkin Lymphomas 195

References 196

Chapter 4 New TNM Classifications Recommended for Testing and Other Classifications

Introduction 198

General 198

Specific 198

Non Upper Aerodigestive Tract Mucosal Melanoma 199

Primary Liver Carcinoma of Infants and Children/Hepatoblastoma 200

Primary Cutaneous Lymphomas 202

Cutaneous T?Cell Lymphomas 202

Primary Cutaneous Lymphomas 203

Histopathologic Staging of Lymph Nodes in Mycosis Fungoides and Sezary Syndrome 204

Primary Cutaneous B?Cell/T?Cell Lymphoma (Non?MF/SS Lymphoma) 206

Multiple Myeloma 207

Leukaemia 208

References 208

Chapter 5 Optional Proposals for Testing New Subcategories of TNM

All Tumour Sites 210

Head and Neck Tumours 210

Digestive System Tumours 211

Lung Tumours 213

Breast Tumours (ICD?0?3 C50) 214

Gynaecological Tumours 215

Urological Tumours 215

References 216

Chapter 6 Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions 218

Site?Specific Questions 229

References 289

Index 291

Plate section facing p. 48

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