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A World Religions Reader

A World Religions Reader

Publisher Blackwell Science
Year 01/02/2020
Edition First
Pages 408
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9781119357094
Categories Religion & beliefs, Comparative religion
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Book description

A comprehensive and accessible textbook which explores the traditions and beliefs of the world's living religions - the fully updated and revised new edition The World Religions Reader is an inclusive, student-friendly examination of the history, teaching, practices, and appeal of the world's major religions. Covering both the fundamentals and complexities of each religious tradition, this popular textbook brings together significant texts from scriptures and scholars, as well as writings from philosophers and other significant thinkers throughout history. Students are provided with an introduction and overview of the tradition, taken through its primary texts, and presented with a text which seeks to persuade the student of the tradition's merits. This new edition has been thoroughly updated to be even more accessible for students new to interreligious engagement and to reflect current trends and developments in religions worldwide. Every chapter opens with a substantial overview which orients the new student and then flows into a carefully chosen set of texts - a regular textbook is now combined with a Reader. New content examines areas such as the Rastafarian tradition, while revised chapters cover secular humanism and indigenous and emerging religious traditions. The methodology of the book focuses on an empathetic approach - representing each tradition from the perspective of a conventional adherent - enabling students to develop understanding of each tradition and appreciate similarities and differences in their most typical forms. Invites students to study each tradition from the perspective of a follower, aiming to understand why the tradition is popular and powerful Explores representative passages, world-views, rituals and institutions, ethical expressions and modern outlooks for each religion Features discussions of interfaith perspectives on the role of women in religious traditions and the impact of world events and politics on interfaith communication Encourages students to consider questions of truth, the relation of religion and society, and the changing nature of a tradition in the modern world Includes a complete set of pedagogical tools and instructor resources, including end-of-chapter fact sheets, topic summaries, key term sections, and essay and discussion questions The World Religions Reader, Fourth Edition is an ideal textbook for undergraduate and graduate courses in religion, especially for liberal arts and non-affiliated colleges, as well as general readers wishing to inc

A World Religions Reader

Table of contents

List of Maps xiii

Preface to the Fourth Edition xv

Acknowledgments xvii

1 Purpose and Method 1

The Purpose 2

Defining Religion 3

Competing Methodologies 5

Defending This Approach 9

Use in the Classroom 10

2 Secular Humanism 13

Survey 14

Readings in Secular Humanism 15

The Secular Mind 15

Worldviews 16

Ethical Expression 24

Modern Expression 34

Fact Sheets 42

3 Indigenous Religions 45

Survey 46

Readings in Indigenous Religions 48

The Indigenous Mind 48

Worldviews 49

Institutions and Rituals 51

Ethical Expression 55

Modern Expression 58

Fact Sheets 63

4 Hinduism 65

Survey 66

Readings in Hinduism 71

The Hindu Mind 71

Worldviews 71

Institutions and Rituals 87

Ethical Expression 88

Modern Expression 97

Fact Sheets 102

5 Jainism 105

Survey 106

Readings in Jainism 107

The Jain Mind 107

Worldviews 108

Institutions and Rituals 109

Ethical Expression 110

Modern Expression 111

Fact Sheets 112

6 Buddhism 115

Survey 116

Readings in Buddhism 119

The Buddhist Mind 119

Worldviews 119

Institutions and Rituals 133

Ethical Expression 137

Modern Expression 140

Fact Sheets 143

7 Chinese Religion 147

Survey 148

Readings in Chinese Religion 151

The Chinese Mind 151

Worldviews 152

Institutions and Rituals 159

Ethical Expression 162

Modern Expression 168

Fact Sheets 175

8 Shintoism 179

Survey 180

Readings in Shintoism 182

The Shinto Mind 182

Worldviews 182

Institutions and Rituals 185

Ethical Expression 189

Modern Expression 197

Fact Sheets 202

9 Zoroastrianism 205

Survey 206

Readings in Zoroastrianism 207

The Zoroastrian Mind 207

Zoroastrian Worldview 207

Institutions and Rituals 210

Ethical Expression 211

Modern Expression 212

Fact Sheets 213

10 Judaism 217

Survey 218

Readings in Judaism 220

The Jewish Mind 220

Worldviews 221

Institutions and Rituals 224

Ethical Expression 227

Modern Expression 237

Fact Sheets 243

11 Christianity 247

Survey 248

Readings in Christianity 250

The Christian Mind 250

Worldviews 250

Institutions and Rituals 254

Ethical Expression 257

Modern Expression 260

Fact Sheets 266

12 Islam 271

Survey 272

Readings in Islam 275

The Muslim Mind 275

Worldviews 275

Institutions and Rituals 282

Ethical Expression 284

Modern Expression 286

Fact Sheets 295

13 Sikhism 299

Survey 300

Readings in Sikhism 302

The Sikh Mind 302

Worldviews 312

Institutions and Rituals 313

Ethical Expression 316

Modern Express

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