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Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Year 01/05/2018
Edition First
Pages 328
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9781119362210
Categories Investment & securities
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Book description

The definitive compendium for the Insurance Digital Revolution From slow beginnings in 2014, InsurTech has captured US$7billion in investment since 2010 a 10% annual compound growth rate is predicted until at least 2020. Three in four insurance companies believe some part of their business is at risk of disruption and understanding the trends, drivers and emerging technologies behind Insurance s Digital Revolution is a business-critical priority for all growth-minded firms. The InsurTech Book offers essential updates, critical thinking and actionable insight globally from start-ups, incumbents, investors, tech companies, advisors and other partners in this evolving ecosystem, in one volume. For some, Insurance is either facing an existential threat; for others, it is a sector on the brink of transforming itself. Either way, business models, value chains, customer understanding and engagement, organisational structures and even what Insurance is for, is never going to be the same. Be informed, be part of it. Learn from diverse experiences, mindsets and applications of technologies Discover new ways of defining and grasping growth opportunities Get the inside track from innovators, disruptors and incumbents Be updated on the evolution of InsurTech, why it is happening and how it will evolve Explore visions of the future of Insurance to help shape yours The InsurTech Book is your indispensable guide to a sector in transformation. This is a useful addition to the editorial team s collection of crowd sourced books, and it will be interesting to see what they come up with next. - Irish Tech News (June 2018)



Preface viii

About the Editors xi

Acknowledgments xiv

1. What is InsurTech?

InsurTech Definition as Its Own Manifesto 6

Why is Insurance Failing? 9

Digital Transformation in Insurance Four Common Factors from Other Industries 13

InsurTech Problem or Solution for Agents and Brokers? 17

The Best InsurTech May not be InsurTech 21

Real InsurTech Startups do it Differently! 24

2. InsurTech Now and Next A Cartographer s Dream Exploring, and Mapping, the New Unknown 32

Where Does InsurTech Leave the People who Work in Insurance? 35

InsurTechs Magical Thinking and Other Secrets of Success 40

INSoT The Insurance of Things and the Proliferation of Protection 43

From Insurance Premium to Discrete Event 47

Seamless Insurance: The Time is Now 50

The Potential of a Pension Dashboard Infrastructure for UK Pension Savers 53

Six Mega-trends that Will Take Insurance Back to the Future 57

InsurTech Not a Zero Sum Game 61

3. The Founder s Journey

Not too Big to Learn not to Fail? 68

Insurance Expertise, Family, and Integrity The Story of SPIXII s Founding Team 71

Disrupting Car Insurance Drivies App Makes Driving More Fun, and Insurance Fairer 75

Genomics 101 The Search for a Better Life Expectancy Predictor Leads GWG Life to a Science Lab 80

4. Internationalizing InsurTech

Internationalizing InsurTech A Global Phenomenon in Different Markets 88

Increasing Access to Insurance in Developing Countries 91

Insurance in China 95

Seven Things Insurers and InsurTechs Need to Know about the German Insurance Market 98

InsurTech in Turkey Challenges and Opportunities 102

InsurTech in Latin America The Promise of Insurance for Everybody? 106

InsurTech Trends Why Regionalization Matters 108

5. Collaborative Innovation: Observe Partner Invest The Corporate Collaboration Opportunity in InsurTech 117

Competition vs. Coopetition in the Insurance Market 121

Incumbent and InsurTech Collaboration via Open Innovation Strategy 124

A Collaborative Approach in the InsurTech World One Platform in One Click 129

Dating InsurTech Startups 134

Altered Attitudes, Altered Outcomes Collaborating for a Better Future 137

Think InsurTech Culture Before InsurTech Adoption 140

6. The Value Chain

A Four-Step Practical Guide to Build InsurTech Value Chain Ecosystems 148

Sell Your Insurance at the Right Time Consider Micro Policies 153

InsurTech: Refreshingly

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