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Invest Like a Guru

Invest Like a Guru

Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Year 01/04/2017
Edition First
Pages 224
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9781119362364
Categories Investment & securities
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Book description

Adopt the investment strategy that built Warren Buffett's fortune Invest Like a Guru provides an invaluable resource for high-quality-focused value investing, with expert insight and practical tools for implementation. Written by the man behind GuruFocus.com, this book expands on the site's value strategies and research tools to provide a primer for those exploring pathways to higher returns at lower risk. The book begins with an insightful explanation of high-quality-focused value investing concepts, then quickly moves into practical, detailed guidance on analysis, valuation, key factors, and risks to avoid. Case studies demonstrate real-world application of various analysis methods, and the discussion walks you through important calculations using real examples. Author Charlie Tian draws upon his own experiences and lessons learned to provide true insight on high-quality-focused value investing as a strategy, providing both reference and expert advice in this singularly useful guide. Warren Buffett once said, "I would rather buy good companies at fair prices than buy fair companies at good prices." That's how he built his fortune, and his method is what we now call high-quality-focused value investing. This book shows you how to determine what constitutes "good companies" and "fair prices," with practical tools for real-world application. * Learn the principles and concepts of high-quality-focused value investing * Understand the analysis process and valuation of prospective investments * Avoid the value traps that can trigger permanent losses * Study clear examples of key ratios and calculations We can't all become the next Warren Buffett, but we can boost returns while reducing risk using the right investment strategy. High-quality-focused value investing provides a path to profit, and Invest Like a Guru is the one-of-a-kind guidebook for getting on track.

Invest Like a Guru


Acknowledgments ix Introduction xi Chapter 1 The Gurus 1 Chapter 2 Deep-Value Investing and Its Inherent Problems 24 Chapter 3 Buy Only Good Companies! 38 Chapter 4 Again, Buy Only Good Companies and Know Where to Find Them 62 Chapter 5 Buy Good Companies at Fair Prices 80 Chapter 6 Buy Good Companies: The Checklist 101 Chapter 7 Failures, Errors, and Value Traps 115 Chapter 8 Passive Portfolios, Cash Level, and Performance 132 Chapter 9 How to Evaluate Companies 142 Chapter 10 Market Cycles and Valuations 168 Epilogue 181 Notes 183 About the Author 190 Index 191

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